Saturday, October 11, 2014

Why I am doing a new blog

Lately my life has steered away from all health and fitness all of the time to something a bit more balanced.  Between my mother's death, me going back to college, picking up a new hobby in kayaking, working at the Audubon my kids and everything else, I wanted to have a blog where I can write about my bigger picture.

I'm not sure how many people will like reading this blog as much as my other one but if you are reading this now then welcome :)


This is the theme of this blog.  Life is so much more than one subject.  Why pigeon hole myself to one subject, right?

I am so excited about this next step.

Chasing Tanee will be a once in a lifetime adventure.....I hope you all get a chance to make your life an adventure too <3


  1. Glad you aren't leaving the interwebz all together :) Looking forward to continuing your journey with you!

  2. I second what Desiree says! You've inspired me a great deal and I'm excited to keep up with your evolving journey and wish you the best :)