Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pictures from the Bayou with Love

When I go out in my kayak I have gotten into the habit of grabbing my Rebel camera & hoping I can grab some awesome shots....and to not tip over, not that I have, but my camera is expensive lol

So I want to share some of my favorites with you.  The first few are of an osprey family.  The middle picture shows the parent bringing back food for her fledglings :)

My husband ;)
See ya later alligator!
 And a couple I took at the Birmingham Zoo.  I need to take some time out of my day and take pictures at my zoo one day.
A great blue heron

Saturday, July 4, 2015

I did it! A squirreled up blog (sorry lol)

I have been soul searching lately.  While I am pleased on how my life is going for the most part, I have been antsy and restless.  There is no real reason for it and while I joke about it to my husband, Scott, about hitting my midlife crisis early lol

The result is me becoming more adventureous.  Which is an awesome thing!  I have taken my family on plenty of them lately.  Most recently was packing up my 9 year old and hitting the road to visit my best friend who lives just north of Birmingham, AL.  I timed it to where I would be semi-close to pick up my oldest from camp or just in case something happened like an Asperger's meltdown.  So I guess I'm responsibly adventurous lol

Anyway, the main reason I'm posting is because I made a Facebook page for this blog!  I forget that I have this blog as you can tell from my last post but I figure if I had a page for it then it would remind me to write more lol

As for my other fan page, it will be unpublished until I feel like I want to write there again.  It just felt like no fun for me to do anymore and in turn made me repeat myself a lot.  I might publish it to let people know where I am now though...some people have tracked me down on my personal account on Facebook or emailed me asking how I was and if I was ok.

I know I'm squirelling all over the place lol I apologize.  Hopefully next time I'll be more on point :)